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Walking Hiking Maps

Paros on Foot: Maps & Directions

Walking and hiking routes on Paros, mapped and signaled by amateur hikers. read more ...

about Antiparos Island

Antiparos Greece Beaches

Beaches on Antiparos

An overview of popular and remote beaches on the island of Antiparos


Historical Time-line

An historical time-line of more ...

Green Businesses

The Agricultural Cooperative

Waste management operation at the Agricultural Cooperative of the Farmer's Unionread more ...

Stabi natural pesticides

Natural pesticide products in particular devoted to controlling the infestation of parasitic flies on pine more ...

About Paros


A Quick Overview of Paros

The third largest island of the Cyclades is well-known as the jewel of the Aegean. read more ...

Beaches on Paros

First time on Paros? See a list with all the popular beaches of the island, and find the one that suits you best! read more ...

The white marble Island

Could it be that the magic of Paros lies in its crystal subsoil? read more ...

Archaeological Sites


A fast glance

Discover a few of the archaeological sites of Paros described by visiting students of Indiana University-Purdue read more ...

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian Life on Paros

An informative article with many tips, written by Bruce Hymers who lives on Paros for the last 25 years. read more ...



Food of the Past: Nourishment for the Future

how tourism can help a sustainable agricultural production. read more ...

Paros Impressions

A web-video that might make you understand what those who have felt it, call the magic of Paroswatch it ...

More Paros Videos

A selection of videos in English and Greek around various themes: Art on Paros, environment, culture and more. New videos are regularly added.have a look ...