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Food of the Past: Nourishment for the Future from Parosweb on Vimeo.

This film was produced by Students from the School of Informatics of Indiana University USA, in a service learning course.

Their teacher, Professor Susan Tennant, who is an expert in the digital documentation of cultural patrimony, was aiming in producing 2 video documentaries for the Internet.

Following a suggestion from Parosweb.Com and the local committee of the Hellenic Society for culture & Environment, their objective was to document the connection between agriculture and tourism on the island of Paros.

Through interviews of local food producers, municipality and subject matter experts, the students have learned about traditions of the past and visions of the future and have produced a documentary film.

It is the intention of this film to educate tourists about locally raised food and drink products, as well as to promote the latter within the community itself. Through awareness of local culture and traditions, we hope this film will inform tourists who delight in the island’s authentic cuisine to support and sustain local food producers.

The main message of the film is that tourism, which might well be responsible on a first stage for the decline of agriculture, can and has to provide the appropriate conditions for a sustainable agricultural production of selected products.

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