Paros Videos


Paros Videos

Videos about Paros: currently you find a production of the students of Indiana University around the issue of local farmers and a few documentaries from the "Cycladic Audiovisual Archives" (in Greek). Also some oldies web-video produced by Parosweb in 2005.

Paris-Paros People of Paros

Paris-Paros, People of Paros

Paris/Paros Project
Part 1/2

A documentary expressing the necessity to switch to a more sustainable type of tourism, based among others on culture and nature.

Paris-Paros: People of Paros

Paris/Paros Project
Part 2/2

The documentary was produced in October 2015 during the first international festival of cinema Paris-Paros..

KYKLOS Cycladic Audiovisual Archives

art & letters on Paros

Arts and Letters on Paros
Part 1

part 1, includes portraits of composer GIORGOS ZIKAS, researcher OLYMPIOS ALIFIERIS and archaeologist YANNIS VASSILIOPOULOS (Greek).


Arts and Letters on Paros
Part 2

part 2, includes portraits of architects PETROS METAXAS and KOSTAS GOUZELIS, photographers BRIAN QUINN and STAVROS NIFLIS and archaeologist STELLA LUBSEN ADMIRAAL (Greek).


Arts and Letters on Paros
Part 3

part 3, includes portraits of ceramists STELIOS and MONIQUE MAILLOUX, musician MANOLIS RAGOUSSIS and musician and musicologist MANOLIS CHANIOTIS (Greek).


Arts and Letters on Paros
Part 4

part 4, includes portraits of painter FREDERIC BOOTZ, composer NICOS SARRIS and poet and writer CHRISTOS GEORGOUSSIS (Greek).


Arts and Letters on Paros
Part 5

part 5: includes portraits of photographer JOHN PACK, painter JANE PACK, poet JEFFREY CARSON, photographer LIZ CARSON, music teacher ORPHEUS and JOHN MUNSEY speak about the Aegean Centre for the fine arts (English).


Arts and Letters on Paros
Part 6

part 6 includes the portraits of painter MICHAEL BRADY and movie director Yannis Tritsibidas (mostly Greek).

IUPUI School of Informatics

The Kastro of Parikia

The Kastro of Parikia:

The story of an ancient Greek temple, a byzantine structure, and the modern church, and how and why they were constructed in the town of Parikia,.

The Ancient Cemetery: Parian Burial Traditions

The Ancient Cemetery of Parikia

The story of a local archeological site in the town of Parikia, Paros, Greece, and the incredible ancient history surrounding it.


An Unknown Treasure

A story of a relatively unknown, but significant, archaeological site named Despotiko.

food of the past, nourishment for the future

Food of the Past:
Nourishment for the Future

A documentary on how tourism can help a sustainable agricultural production.


Bread & Cheese in a Parian Farm

Documenting a tradition on Paros: making handmade bread with mother dough.


Innovaros Video Map

A map of Paros where interesting locations are documented with videos and photos

Paros Going Green by Tao's Center


Paros Seed Festival 2010

A shortdocumentary on the first permaculture project on the island: "Paros Going Green Again" - plantations for revegetation using the natural farming method.

Food & Beverage association of Paros


Fishing - Vine harvest -
Vine press - Raki distillery

A documentary produced by the food & beverage association of Paros Island, about the people of Paros and their culture. (Greek)

Parosweb Oldies

Paros Impressions

Paros Impressions

A web-video that might make you understand what those who have felt it, call the magic of Paros


Parikia Tour

A guided tour in Parikia, the main town and port of Paros Island, in Greece.