Paros Videos


Arts and Letters on Paros, part 2 from Parosweb on Vimeo.

A series of 6 X 60 minute documentaries produced in 2006-7 by IDOY!– Vox documentaries and directed by Yannis Tritsibidas, Foivos Kontoyannis and Spiros Tritsibidas

These series of documentaries presenting portraits of artists, scholars and also cultural institutions, are a partial X-ray image of recent history, arts and letters in Paros including ideas and life attitudes. It is an album based on today's appreciations and open to future enrichment.

Part 2, includes portraits of architects PETROS METAXAS and KOSTAS GOUZELIS, photographers BRIAN QUINN and STAVROS NIFLIS and archaeologist STELLA LUBSEN ADMIRAAL.

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