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Attorney-at-law practising since 1985 and on Paros since 1988 .
Tassos A. Theoharides' field of expertise is Property Law, Greek Real Estate, Leasing, Compensation, etc.

About the lawyer

Tassos A. Theoharides was born on Paros in 1958. After graduating from Athens University Law School in 1981 he practiced law with several major Athenian firms before moving back to his native island and opening his own firm in 1988. Besides the Country Court of Paros and the Court of First Instance, he also practices at the Court of Appeal of Syros.

In the past 30 years of practicing civil law, he has developed considerable expertise in handling contracts, investigating deeds, rental agreements and Property Law. Over the past 27 years, he has signed a great deal of all Paros property contracts.

With the assistance of Anthoula Theodorakos, who worked for years in the island's Land Registry Office, he has become a specialist in searching titles. Because Greece has no central Land Registry, or Cadastre, and because it is more difficult to determine land ownership in Greece than in the rest of Europe or the US, searching titles is one of the most crucial services that lawyers in the field of property law can perform for their clients. But because such research is never in the interest of real estate agents, property developers or even the lawyers themselves, it is often superficial – at the expense of unsuspecting foreign clients in particular.

Tassos Theoharides provides all his clients with a written report of the titles he has searched on their behalf and makes on-site inspections of the properties. In a system noted for its corruption, where “foreign” buyers are at a particular disadvantage in dealing with local commercial interests, Tassos A. Theoharides is noted for integrity, dedication and expertise.

Offered Services:

Throughout 30 years of experience, he specializes in civil law. And more specifically in:

- transferring titles ownerships/properties

- handling contracts

- investigating deeds and rentals

- law of property

- leasing of buildings or business

- compensation (Traffic accident, property dispute, expropriation, etc)

English and French are spoken.

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