Paros Herbs & Nature Products

Paros Herbs & Nature Products

Freshly picked and brought to your door! Herbs and wild edibles, raw & washed or pickled – all ready to eat!

Mr. Christos lives on Paros since 1980, working in the food industry for 33 years. Now, retired, he does his hobby of walking around the remote mountains and natural plains of the island.
He knows how to spot and pick all the edible gifts of the Parian nature.

In every season, he has something new to offer: fresh wild weeds, “chorta” of all kinds (washed!), herbs and various medicinal herb mixes, pickled capers, sea fennel and wild flower bulbs, wild fruits like prickly pears and anything else offered in nature.

Call (or email) to order your favourite products from the nature of Paros which he delivers around the island or (for packaged products) sends by mail to your door.

• Mr. Christos also makes guided tours around Paros to show you all the wild, edible plants and herbs of the island. Transport provided for groups up to 4 people. Contact for an appointment!

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