Paros Ecological project- internships workshops permaculture sustainability

To the Garden is an ecological project designed and built upon applied principles of Permaculture and Sustainability, it is concerned with promoting the understanding of Diversity within natural systems.
We offer a series of internships and workshops in a number of arts, crafts and practical skills and also provides idyllic retreat facilities for the Creative Artist, Writer or Scholar as well as for groups and those seeking contemplative time out for rest and renewal
Whether you wish to sharpen your skills in the field of house renovation and garden design, or to explore natural materials and get a taste of various creative media, our program “Art in the making” can satisfy your need for an engaging activity, kick-start your adventure into rural lifestyle or help you in your progress towards self-employment and self-sufficiency.

We provide hands-on experience with:
• Woodcarving in recycled oak
• Jewellery making in metals, wood, stone, etc.
• Ceramic tile work; walls, floors, mosaic
• Basic building in Stone; walls, steps, paths
• Wet carved concrete sculpting
• Decorative concrete work: thin polymer enriched overlays, coloured pigments and acid stains
• Cement work; plastering of walls, thin-shell ferrocement and lightweight concrete construction
• Garden Design:
o Earthworks for rain-harvesting; swales, infiltration pits, growing beds
o Drystone terracing
o Soil building; composting, mulch
o Pond and wetland construction +30 22840 91524 | +30 6937 300243 | +30 22840 91524