Greece Art, sculptor Aristides Varrias, Paros Island

• Atistides Varrias, is a professor and a sculptor who lives and works on Paros.

Aristides Varrias, being an inspired creator, 'feels' and molds the Parian marble, the famous lychnitis, in a charismatic way. He molds “prosopa” which radiate besides the perfectness of the 'métier', a very advanced, above all, poetic mood….. They are faces expressing reverie, expectation, prosopa which palpitate from emotions, anticipate conditions, pry memories, challenge experiences and indelible through time impressions. Prosopa, which are invincible and, at the same time, so human.”

His sculptures, gifted with an “organic” substance, indicate everlasting beings. Beings, which circulate, swing, transportate and wind between us, but we do not perceive them with our common senses. That’s why the sculptures of Varrias reveal to us charismatically their very beings, proving at the same time the talent of their creator.”
Dr. Dora Eliopoulou- Rogan, Art Historian and Art Critic