Footpath at Kefalos Hill, connecting Marpissa Village & Molos beach

•_duration_ approx. 1,5 hours (non-stop, medium pace)
•the way up the hill, is mostly via an easy, well-paved old path, partially under shadow. The way down, is a narrow, steep and not well-cleared path (originally opened by mountain-bikers). It is strongly recommended that you have a walking stick for going down.
•_suggested resting stop_ : at Agios Antonios monastery.
•_signalling_ : The beginning of the old, paved path going uphill, is marked with a “monument” style sign (dark brown) and it is easy to find. The downward path, is marked with pink dots – take care in finding its beginning, as the very first dot is painted on a rock a couple of meters off the car road.

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Walk starts at the old windmill by the main road passing through Marpissa. Next to this windmill, there is a road sign showing the way to Agios Antonios monastery, at the top of Kefalos hill. Start walking uphill, along this small street (about 500m.)

As you are half-way up the hill, you will see a small, 1-room building on your right (a water reserve), and a brown road sign pointing up to Agios Antonios monastery. This is where the old foot path begins. Taking it all the way up, you will reach the monastery where you can have a nice rest at the courtyard. The yard gate is usually locked, but you can easily jump over the short surrounding wall.

Old Footpath at Kefalos hill, Paros

The beginning of the old uphill footpath.

Walk to Agios Antonios Monastery

The monastery of Agios Antonios, ideal resting spot with surrounding views.

To go down, backtrack on the stone-paved path for a few meters, then head east, towards the car road that leads to the monastery entrance. (ie. towards the long Molos beach that you see at the bottom of the hill). Once on the road, walk about 50m. downwards, then at some point – a couple of meters off the road on your right you will see a pink dot painted on a rock, signalling the beginning of the downhill footpath. (To orientate a bit, this footpath passes next to the first big building on this side of the hill).

Go straight down this footpath until you reach another dust road. Here, you have the choice to either follow the road and reach Molos beach (as shown on the map above), or go through the small cedar forest to reach either Molos (on your left) or Kalogeras beach (on your right). Either one, is a 5-10 min. walk from where you are.

You can return to Marpissa windmill via the main road, passing through Marmara village. This takes about 15min.

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Paros Footpath Wild Flowers

Springtime flowers & wild edible weeds lay all along the uphill path.

Paros View from Footpath

View from the beginning of the downhill path.
The arrow indicates the building, next to which passes the footpath.
Molos is the bay on the left.