Drios – Afkoulaki – Lefkes Village on Foot

• duration approx. 2,5 hours (non-stop, medium pace)
• most of the route is via remote dust roads, some small parts are foot paths
• suggested resting stop: at Afkoulaki spring
• signaling: White Arrows (spray paint) and some blue fish showing the opposite way from Lefkes to Drios.

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Walk starts at Drios square. Take the cement road on the left of “Ivi Hotel”, straight up. At a blue rubbish bin and a lamp post with a wooden sign on saying: “ΔΡΥΑΔΕΣ” on the right (& White Arrow), turn right into a narrow road. Continue straight ahead.

Once you reach a small gate, go through or over and immediately turn right upwards, following a stone wall. (There are some White Arrows spayed on the stone wall, but are not very clear). Keep going upwards and through the fields until you reach a relatively wide road. Turn right and walk along this road.

At the first road fork you come across, take the left road upwards, and go along this road. Now, it becomes a bit complicated, since you have to follow this road but to do that, you need to go somehow through some houses. Just keep in mind that you need to follow the road in a straight line.. Unfortunately, no White Arrows here.

Agios Georgios chapel at Afkoulaki water spring

Agios Georgios chapel at Afkoulaki water spring

Arrival at Lefkes

Arrival at Lefkes

Following the road after the houses, you will eventually reach a corner house with a blue garden gate (and a barking dog!), where there's also a road fork (White Arrow). Go left in a narrow foot path.

Go along the footpath, where you also have to jump over two small gates. At the end of the path, go left upwards (White Arrow).

This road begins as a cement road, then it turns into a dust road and then again cement. At some point, you will see a dust road on your right (White Arrow), turn right here and at the end of this road, turn upwards.

From here on, things are easy. You just need to follow the sign to “ΑΓΙΟΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ & ΑΥΚΟΥΛΑΚΙ”, that will bring you to the little Chapel of St George and the Afkoulaki spring and river.

Here, it is is an ideal place for a resting stop. You can chill at the chapel yard – but be careful not to leave any lit candles inside. Alternatively, go below the chapel, following a few-meters' path to the river & spring. The river is only full in winter, but there is a drinking water spring and a shaded kiosk with a dinner table! You can get off the route track and follow the river downwards or upwards through pure natural landscapes.

Getting back on track, you continue on the “main” dust road upwards, until you reach a clear stone-paved foot path on your right, going upwards (White Arrow). Climb up the path which brings you to a hilltop dust road which you follow straight on until you see the village of Lefkes. Once you get at the beginning of the village, you can choose between going round it via the road, or through it via a small downward path.

House with Blue Gate

House with Blue Gate

Footpath Afkoulaki - Lefkes

Footpath to Lefkes after Afkoulaki