Trekking route in North Antiparos

• duration: a long walk of around 4 hours at medium walking pace but with breaks.
• most of the route is on tarmac roads, with one section along a dirt road. Towards the end of the walk continues along the coastline and across several beaches, although an adjacent road route is also possible.
• suggested resting stop: at Livadia beach, around halfway.
• follow signposts for Livadia, walk along the beach, and then follow the dirt road before rejoining the tarmac road. Turn right, right again,and then left when you get back to the coastal road.
• also suitable for cyclists.

Photo Album of Trekking Route north Antiparos, Greece

This is quite a long walk, taking around 4 hours (with breaks) to the cover the 16.7 km, although a shorter route is possible .

Arriving in the port of Antiparos, go right, along the seafront, before turning left at the kiosk and walk up the town’s main market street. At the top of the street, head left and keep going until you reach the edge of town. Just after a butcher’s shop which stands strangely alone, on the left of the road, and just before a sign for a petrol station, the road forks. Take the left hand fork and head towards the hills.

The road twists and turns up gentle slopes backed with stunning views of the town and northern coastline of Antiparos, before, once over the hilltop, descending into a fertile valley, packed with olive groves, vineyards, and fields filled with wild flowers (at least in the springtime).

An hour or so into the walk, the road forks again, take the righthand fork following the signpost to “ Livadia”, and don’t make the mistake as we did, of trying to find a shortcut off road, inevitably it will be a dead end.

Around 4 km further on is the incredibly beautiful, unspoilt beach of Livadia, a long wide stretch of white sand bookended by rocky cliffs and backed by sand dunes complete with shade providing Tamarisk trees. This a great place to stop for a break, and most definitely a swim in some of the clearest, cleanest waters to be found anywhere in the Greek Islands. We climbed the rocks at the far end of the beach and from here spotted the dirt track which we used to get back to the road arriving back at the same fork in the road from which we had turned right to get to Livadia beach.( If you don’t want to climb the rocks just head back from the southern end of the beach through the trees and you will easily find the dirt track).

Once back on the road, arriving from the “Monastiri” side of the fork, retrace your steps for around a km as if heading back towards the town, before taking a right turn. (If you want to take the shorter version of this walk, don’t turn right, just carry on.) From here it’s around 3Km to the coastal road.

Once you arrive at the coast turn left, and continue along the road until you come to the first sizeable beach, known as Panagia. There’s a small path , just before the beach which leads directly down to the golden sands and from here on it’s possible to walk exactly on the coast, past many small coves, and sandy beaches before arriving back at the outskirts of Antiparos town, having passed not only the famed, and thankfully protected wetlands, but also a particularly ugly stinky swamp.

Compiled by Andy Kirk.

Photo Album of Trekking Route north Antiparos, Greece

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