Ageria – Agii Theodoi – Kamari (optional: back to Ageria) on Foot

• duration 3,5 to 4 hours (non-stop, medium pace)
• half of the route is on remote dust roads, the other half on old (not maintained) walking paths
• suggested resting stop: at Agii Theodori Monastery or at Stellas monument
• signalling: red spray paint on first foot path (Ageria-Kamari), a few White Arrows (spray paint) around Kamari area. The route is easy to find.
• The mapped route here, stops at Kamari – but you can get back to Ageria following the same route as at the beginning of the walk.

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Draft route description (please send Paros Walkers feedback in case you walk this route)

Once in the central Square of Ageria, ask the locals about the old footpath to Kamari (there is some red paint at the beginning). Follow the path until you reach a bigger road. At the first road fork, take a right.

At the end of this road, there is an old farm – go left upwards at the dust road. Follow this road, and take a left at every road fork you meet, until you reach the Agii Theodori monastery (where women can only enter wearing long skirts).
Once at the monastery, follow the dust road that passes right in front of its gate heading upwards to a hilltop where a bunch of antennas (radars) are set. A bit later, you will see an old “katikia” (farm house) with some barking dogs (!) – continue on the same road (taking a right – not through the gate on the left).

You then arrive at Stella monument, where there is also a chapel. This is a good resting point in the middle of the route. Behind the monument, an old footpath begins. Go down that path – you may need to jump over a few branches and bushes (about 30min.)

At the end of the path, you arrive at a bigger road and a farm house, where another footpath begins (turn left). This footpath widens and becomes a road. Taking this road all the way down, you eventually reach Kamari, from where you can continue down to Ageria.

View above Kamari

View from hills above Kamari

Footpath Agii Theodoroi-Aneratzia

The old, uncleared footpath from Stellas Monument
to Aneratzia

Stella's Monument

Stella's Monument at hilltop – a nice resting point

House inscription near Stellas Monument

An original inscription on a house near Stella's
monument: “In this house, Yiannis Chaniotis lived
with his wife Ageliki and had 9 kids.
Difficult, but also other times!

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Farm house near Aneratzia

A traditional farm near Aneratzia, where 2nd-hand
objects are used to make doors, fences etc.

Stone walls to keep the soil

On the way down to Aneratzia, some new stone walls
are built to keep the soil and eventually make
space for cultivation.

Footpath Ageria-Kamari

A part of the route from Ageria to Agii Theodori is on an old, cleared footpath