Distrato, Café in Parikia Old Town Paros


Assortments & Salads

•Caesar’s salad
Lettuce, chicken, cucumber, tomato, croutons, cheese
•Local Rusk (Dàkos)
With fresh & sun-dried tomato, local soft cheese and olive oil
•Dip Assortment
Olive paste, cheese cream, eggplant salad, sun-dried tomatoes and tzatziki

Main Dishes

•Special Club Sandwich
With ham, cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, sauce and French fries
•Distrato Hamburger (homemade, 125gr)
Beef burger, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, sauce and French fries
•Distrato Pasta
Cheese, bacon, cream mushrooms
•Baked Potatoes
with a variety of fillings, such as the 4 cheeses & tomato, or the chicken cheese, cream and curry


Choose from a selection of savoury crepes
Edam cheese, minced meat, red beans, corn, spicy sauce, cream
Edam cheese, spinach, tomato, green peppers, mushrooms
Edam and feta cheese, tomato, green peppers, onion, olive and capers
Or sweet crepes…
With butter, sugar and lemon
Dark chocolate, orange sweet and whipped cream
2 scoops of ice cream, chocolate, syrup, whipped cream and almonds


•Apple pie
Michaela’s homemade apple pie
•Michaela also creates special homemade sweets and cakes daily, try out her delicious chocolate orange cake or cheesecake!

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