Paros villas holiday rentals, Villa Dilion

Villa in Dilion


Dilion is a rural area on the hills overlooking Parikia, where one of the most important temple dedicated to god Apollon stood in the antiquity; in our days it is an important archaeological site, popular for the magic of the place. The villa is built bellow the temple.
The site is part of a trilogy and overlooks 2 other temples of Apollon, in Delos (where the god was born) and in Naxos. In Greek mythology, Apollon was the god of music, poetry, healing, light and augury (fortune telling).
Dilion is a few minutes drive to Parikia and just 10min. on foot from the nearest sandy beach in Akrotiri. From the villa, you have open views to Antiparos & Sifnos Islands. Staying at “Villa in Dilion”, it is advisable to have your own means of transportation.

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