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Whether for a day, a week or two, a month or a whole year, you can now learn greek!

Be a Greek For a Week (Easter till October)
A 6 or 12day full language immersion program in Paros, Greece, specially designed for Greek language learners of all levels, who are hooked on the Greek language and want to visit Greece with a focus on learning Greek as well as familiarizing and immersing themselves in the Greek culture and lifestyle combined with some extracurricular fun, workshops and outdoor activities!

Take full advantage of your time in PAROSdise and turn your vacation into a learning adventure.

Greek Language Courses (Private or mini groups, 20th of October till Easter)
Is it all Greek to you? Not anymore!
You will be improving your conversational skills by getting speaking practice, learn new vocabulary and funny colloquial phrases, that will make you sound more Greek and all that through innovative communicative approach, smarter study tecniches and stress-free approach to language learning!

Greek On the Go
is specially designed for people who don’t like or don’t have the time for a typical language lesson but prefer to be outside and enjoy learning in a relaxed way while chatting over coffee or ouzo and tasting a Greek meze.
They will have a native speaker and experienced tutor by their side, encouraging and challenging them to speak correctly in Greek.

Be a Greek Online (20th of October till Easter)
The retreat is over and you have to go back home! But you want to continue practice in Greek! No worries!
You dream of mingling and talking to natives while on your next trip to Greece? Well, easy!

Just book your online course of modern Greek and enjoy your greek dose in winter time till summer and the next retreat back in Paros!

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