Yvonne's Antiques Shop

Yvonne's Antiques Shop is a paradise for lovers of quality aged pieces and for all those who have a passion for style! Operating for 20 years now, Yvonne has many loyal customers who decorate their home with her exclusive pieces of furniture and who take her advice for interior design of their space.

At Yvonne's Antiques Shop you will find unique pieces of furniture and decoration, depicting the history and culture of Greece and Asia Minor. Yvonne loves the simplicity of wooden folk furniture and travels all over the country to find pieces for restoration (some using “patina” techniques). Interesting stories of the past follow many pieces, like Yvonne's favourite “Sarakatsani” chests of the nomadic shepherds, or some beautiful cupboards with hidden compartments coming from the Greek mansions of Asia Minor.

At Yvonne's you can also find stylish, quality accessories, from scarves to beachwear and jewellery, as well as books, gifts, pottery and much more!

Yvonne's Antiques Shop operates from March to December, during regular shop hours and all day long in July & August.

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